Demolition and Deconstruction

At Progressive Environmental, our expertise in hazardous materials and our care for those parts of your home or commercial building that you do not want damaged set us apart from other companies that work in demolition and deconstruction. Our work ranges from the complete removal of a house or building to preparing just a small area such as a kitchen or bathroom for a new renovation.

Expertise in Hazmat Removal

In the past, dangerous materials such as asbestos and lead were commonly used in building homes, office buildings, warehouses, and industrial buildings. At Progressive Environmental, we are certified to test for and if necessary, remove asbestos and other hazardous materials. We can do the testing to ensure that you pay only for the services and protection you need, and provide the paperwork so that the disposal of safe materials does not result in extra fees.

Kitchen & Bathroom Demolition

One of our specialties is kitchen & bathroom demolitions. We have the expertise to deal with the piping and electrical connections properly, and to test and properly recycle or dispose of the multiple types of materials found in the kitchens and bathrooms constructed in Vancouver over the last few decades.

Whether you are planning to carefully remodel your bathroom or completely tear your house down, we have been through the process and take pride in the smallest details. We try to separate ourselves from other companies by being mindful of the entire process, we take care of the demolition with all trades in mind and make it our promise that the cleanliness of the job site is unmatched.

If you are a general contractor or a home owner doing your own renovation, Progressive Environmental can help! From staging your demolition with proper waste bins to ensuring your debris is going to the proper facilities. With Progressive, you will get the best disposal/recycling rates even if it is not a full deconstruction. We take pride in preparing your job site so you can leave the details to us and put your energy elsewhere. We have worked with numerous trades in every aspect of residential and commercial construction and we use our experience to make the demolition process efficient and effective for everyone