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From collecting potentially hazardous materials, executing a full home asbestos abatement or a selective interior deconstruction, at Progressive Environmental, we pride ourselves in giving our clients the opportunity to make the most informed and sensible choices for their projects. Using our experience and knowledge to assist in a creation of a more intelligent process that is specific to your budget and scope of work in the most efficient manner.

The Progressive way -saves dollars and makes environmental sense!

Many household building materials may contain asbestos

Solving old world industry problems with new age solutions

Progressive environmental is a turn key demolition/deconstruction and abatement company serving the Metro Vancouver area. We hang our hat on three different aspects of the business: providing informed and transparent client experiences, excellence in the completion of all work under our scope and a commitment to embracing the environmental leadership shown by the City of Vancouver with ‘waste’ materials management.

Happy family after asbestos abatement from their home

Developing relationships with clients

Trust isn’t something for purchase in the construction industry, it is earned through the integrity of communication and work. At Progressive Environmental, we take pride in developing relationships with clients that allow them to relax knowing the project is in trustworthy hands.

Questions or concerns? Just ask. Asbestos removal can be a worrisome task. Let us take that stress off your shoulders and explain the process.

Asbestos abatement preparation with modern and traditional tools

The Progressive Way

We have many years of experience with residential and commercial construction. Our aim is to flip the perception of demolition. Efficiency is a given, but intelligent execution that sets up the incoming trades for success is often neglected. Tradesman love us because we do our job better than the rest, and make their work easier.

At Progressive Environmental we are strongly behind the environmental and safety bylaws the Metro Vancouver area has instituted. Progressive Environmental has the knowledge base to execute all work to satisfy the municipalities and to ensure materials are removed safely and disposed of responsibly for the environment.

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