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Asbestos Abatement

Depending on the scope of your project and the age of the building, you may come across a wide range of asbestos containing materials. All asbestos containing materials are dangerous and should be taken very seriously. We understand that Work Safe BC and municipal regulations are in place to keep our employees, trades, clients and environment safe. It is our commitment to not only meet these expectations but to take an ‘above and beyond’ approach to exceed these regulations. At the same time, we also understand that each and every client is trying to maintain a small pre-construction budget.
We want to give you peace of mind amidst the process of asbestos abatement. Our knowledgeable and experienced team are remarkably efficient in organizing and executing the procedures of abatement. This translates into jobs finishing on time and a reduction or elimination of unforeseen and unplanned costs within your budget.
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If you are planning to re model your bathroom or tear your house down we have been through the process and take pride in the smallest details. We try to separate ourselves from other companies by being mindful of the entire process, we take care of the demolition with all trades in mind and make it our promise that the cleanliness of the job site is unmatched.

If you are a general contractor or a home owner doing your own renovation we can help! From staging your demolition with proper waste bins to ensure your debris is going to the proper facilities and you are getting the best disposal/recycling rates even if it is not a full deconstruction. We take pride in preparing your job site so the scope of work is the only thing you are putting energy and money into (Not paying for a cleaning crew due to insufficient prep work). We have worked with numerous trades in every aspect of residential and commercial construction and we use our experience to make the demolition process efficient and effective for everyone

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Collecting and Sampling Potentially Hazardous Materials

When planning a small renovation or a full home deconstruction, the result of the materials collected will give you the best opportunity to plan your budget depending on the age of your home. Knowing the scope of your renovation is all we need, to collect the proper samples to ensure all city bylaws are met and have our clients make the most informed choices based on our finding.

Whether you are planning a small renovation or a full home deconstruction, the sources of potentially containing asbestos materials must be identified, sampled and tested. The findings of these tested samples are the main determinant of the value of your abatement. Specifically when undertaking a renovation, it is crucial to have confidence that your home has been sufficiently sampled and tested in order to protect you and your family from any dangerous materials.

When possible it is best to collect all samples in one thorough and responsible sweep. This is not only best for the safety of everyone involved but also provides an opportunity to develop a more realistic financial plan for your construction budget. We understand that when asbestos is a potential concern, there is a smarter more responsible practice that can in fact save you money. That’s the Progressive way.